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            Get to Know Us

            We take pride in what we do and the positive impact it has on our families and our communities.

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            True. Trusted. Tolko.

            The best way to get to know us is to understand what drives us – a desire to create a space for people to thrive and build lasting relationships along the way.

            For over three generations, we've been committed to creating a culture guided by our values. We take pride in what we do and the positive impact it has on our families and our communities.


            Want to become part of our family? We're excited to meet you!

            Check out the animation below to explore the Top 10 reasons why you should consider a career with us.

            Our Values

            SAFETY: Nothing is more important than our employees and their safety, whether protecting them from harassment or from workplace accidents.

            RESPECT: We believe the only way to be respected is to show respect. Through our commitment to safety, the environment, our employees, and internal and external business relationships, we strive to model respect in every way.

            PROGRESSIVENESS: Being progressive and constantly seeking ways to improve is essential for the growth of our company. Every employee is encouraged to propose new ideas and to embrace ownership of their work. Individual initiative and innovation are highly valued.

            INTEGRITY: Our company is based on relationships, and without integrity, that is impossible. Integrity, in both personal and business relationships, demands that we be honest, fair, and ethical.

            OPEN COMMUNICATION: We believe in keeping the lines of communication open. When everyone is heard, and their opinion is respected and acknowledged, it nurtures relationships and reminds people they are valued.

            PROFIT: Profit is essential to the success of every company. We’re dedicated to supporting the growth of our people, employment stability, and continuous improvement to meet changing customer needs.

            WELCOME TO TOLKO

            Discover some of the many reasons why you should consider a career with Tolko from those who know it best – our own employees.


            If you want competitive pay, opportunities to learn on the job, a great lifestyle, and the chance to work in Canada’s greenest workforce, then Tolko is right for you.

            TOLKO TOGETHER

            Meet some of our employees and hear about their experiences within the company.


            Take a brief tour of our benefits package with those who know it best.