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            Managing our Forest

            Together, we can make sure Canada's forest, communities and economy remain healthy and strong now and into the future.

            True. Trusted. Tolko.

            Our forests: What it takes to manage this precious resource

            Forests are integral to our ecosystem, our livelihood, and to the cultures of the people who live in and around them. Our Woodlands teams are committed to managing these forests in a sustainable way that respects the environment and cultural connections.

            In Canada, we operate in three of the western provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan – managing government tenures and purchasing logs on the open market.

            For every hectare of forest we manage, we accept a three-pronged responsibility to the:

            • People and communities where we operate
            • Sustainability of our forests
            • Economics of our business

            To meet these responsibilities, our Woodlands Teams are held to the highest standard in planning forest management. They develop comprehensive plans guided by our Sustainable Forest Initiatives (SFI) forest certification, along with Federal, Provincial and local principles. These plans are then subject to extensive review involving Indigenous peoples and stakeholders in our communities. This is the key to success in managing our forests.

            Together, we can make sure Canada's forests, communities, and economy remain healthy and strong now and into the future.