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            Scholarship Program

            Investing in future generations

            True. Trusted. Tolko.

            Diversity and Inclusion: Investing in future generations

            Investing in youth isn't just an investment in our company – it's an investment in the forestry industry, as well as the economy of our country. This is why we've created a scholarship program that supports youth as they pursue learning in post-secondary education. Through this program, we've helped a variety of students pursue their dreams.

            It's our belief that as we continue to support the youth of these communities, we will see students, families, and communities thrive.

            Giving back to our communities

            We have partnered with local school districts in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to administer two $1,000 scholarships in each of our divisions, which include these communities:


            Armstrong (Eagle Rock)
            Kamloops (Heffley Creek)
            Lake Country
            Lumby (White Valley)
            Williams Lake (Lakeview, Soda Creek)


            High Level
            High Prairie
            Slave Lake (Athabasca)


            Meadow Lake

            Talk with your local school to find our more about applying for a Tolko scholarship!

            Still have questions?
            Email us at scholarships@tolko.com