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            Developing waste products as a means of creating energy

            True. Trusted. Tolko.

            The movement into a future of green energy has created an opportunity for us at Tolko to reduce our carbon footprint.

            Utilizing biomass products as a means of creating green energy to run our mills and generate electricity is consistent with our goals of sustainability and product diversification and our value of progressiveness.


            Energy for our mills

            Our growing green energy profile includes six biomass energy facilities that contribute to the on-site production of wood products.? Each of our OSB mills is equipped with a biomass energy system that produces thermal energy for the production process, allowing the mills to run using virtually no fossil fuels.


            Powering the grid

            Our bioenergy production goes beyond creating energy only for industrial production. Our cogeneration mills in Armstrong and Kelowna produce steam that's used in the process for drying wood products and they also produce electricity with steam turbines.


            It’s this kind of innovation and progressiveness that has kept Tolko vital through 60 years and will continue to push us into the future.

            Contact Information

            Michael Towers photo

            Michael Towers

            Manager Energy and Environment

            phone: 1-250-550-1412

            fax: 1-250-550-2509