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            COMMUNITY NEWS

            Tolko wins Forestry Champion award for NAOSH Week campaign

            Heffley Creek and Armstrong Plywood have won the Forestry Champion award for their activities during North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week.

            This past May, several Tolko divisions participated in NAOSH Week, which is an awareness week where safety activities, exercises, training, and motivational speakers highlight our commitment to safety and the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

            Each division assembled a group of enthusiastic participants to plan and execute the activities throughout the week. Workers who participated in the various events said it was a fantastic week. Inspired by the success of the events, Marsha Bell, Regional OHS Supervisor at Tolko, noted the divisions’ work to the NAOSH Week Steering Committee for BC — and we won for Heffley Creek and Armstrong Plywood.

            The Forestry Champion award recognizes our hard work, dedication, and the creative ways in which we shared safety and health messages during this year’s NAOSH Week. Congratulations to the winners on their award and their continued demonstration of Tolko’s values.

            A special thank you to the following volunteers who truly went above and beyond with their support for the events:

            Heffley Creek: Cole Holmes, Roger McDowell, Jennifer Rotvold, Taylor Watkin, Fatimah Abdullahi
            Armstrong Plywood: Jason Zaffino, Joe Perkovic, Lee Friberg, Graeme Duncan
            Armstrong Lumber: Kait Baskerville, Gerry Senger

            Heffley Creek staff with safety speaker Jeff Lyth

            Heffley Creek staff celebrate the week with a BBQ

            Emergency response training at Heffley Creek

            Emergency response training at Armstrong

            Checking the equipment before a climb at Armstrong

            A safety intervention workshop at Armstrong