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            PRODUCT NEWS

            You spoke and we listened: Bringing back red edge seal on OSB Pro Flooring

            Tolko is bringing back the Rustic Red edge seal colour on our T-STRAND Pro OSB T&G Subfloor

            We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and we truly value the opinions of our customers. Tolko is happy to reintroduce the Rustic Red edge seal color on our T-STRAND Pro OSB T&G Subfloor to differentiate our Pro Flooring from our Standard Flooring.

            Please note as we implement this change and bring back the red edge seal, customers may receive an order of T-STRAND Pro OSB T&G Subfloor that includes both the blue and red edge seal colors. You will begin to see this change throughout the coming weeks of June and July.

            Contact Us

            Contact our T-STRAND OSB sales team today to discuss this edge seal color change and Tolko’s current OSB opportunities.

            OSB Sales Team